What makes a good VPN?

  • good vpIf you decide to buy a VPN, to make sure that you get a good VPN, you need to have at least this features

  1. Good support. Problems or questions will always appear, not necessarily because of the VPN provider, but when you need help, a good provider must be there for you and help you fast.
  2. Strong Encryption. You probably need a VPN for privacy or to pass some restrictions, for both, you need encryption. A good VPN will have strong encryption protocols like OpenVPN P, IKEV2, PPTP, etc and will not have the DNS leak problem
  3. Multiple VPN locations. A good VPN will have a big list of locations so you pick what is closer/faster for you.
  4. Multiple devices. You will probably want to use the VPN on your computer, tablet/phone at the same time. Pick a VPN provider which allows multiple devices.