Iphone pptp vpn

iphone pptp vpn

Protecting your own privacy and anonymity on the Web is very important today. We offer PPTP VPN connection on iPhone, iPad or iPod, which help you to bypass any internet filters, so your internet browsing will be uncensored. At the same time, you are secure and you get complete freedom on Internet with your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Also, you have a chance to get the iPhone VPN account, iPad VPN account and others at reasonable rates.

Virtual private network is often used within organizations to allow you to communicate the private information securely over a non-private network. iPhone or iPad devices can connect to our PPTP VPN services over cellular data network connection. Connecting over cellular data network will depend on your provider. Setting up iPhone or iPad VPN PPTP is easy process.

iPad or iPhone PPTP VPN is a popular choice, because it does not require an additional third-party client software. The majority of operating systems such as Microsoft, Linux, Mac OS X, iPhone OS, and Android OS have already built in this protocol. It is incredibly simple, as all you need is your server name, login and password, and you are in. If you are surfing your Internet from your mobile phone, PPTP VPN protocol is there for you. PPTP (Point-To-Point Tunneling Protocol) sends packets through GRE tunnel by using PPP. These packets are both encrypted at 128-bit strength and compressed with the MPPE algorithm.

If you are frequently using public Wi-Fi for your internet access on the smartphones and tablets, you can take advantage of iPad PPTP VPN, iPhone PPTP VPN and others. It could be used on all Google Android Devices, Apple iOS Mobile Devices and Microsoft Windows Mobile. Most tablets and smartphones have the PPTP VPN client software already built in to the devices. You can comfortably get on any public and open Wi-Fi network knowing your information is protected very well.

Finding videos, music and news contents through internet from oversea countries becomes the most popular way for people all over the world to get information they need to. However, as we know the freedom is not always over there. If you are in some countries that you are not able to browse many websites on your iPhone/iPad, because the internet service provider is filtering the web traffic. Just do not worry, because the PPTP VPN tunnel is a quick and easy solution to solve this problem. Point to Point VPN is almost supported in all operation systems and smartphones. It’s secure, fast, and compatible with almost every software and applications.

Our VPN services will allow you to secure your internet connection and provide you anonymity while you are connected.